Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Guy has just discovered the oil leak. The shift shaft was loose, and oil was seeping from around the seal. We have ordered a new seal, new snap rings and washers that will go in the Alternator cover along with a new gasket. We also started from ground zero and went through the carb. Going with a 168 main jet, 46 pilot, and will play with the mixture after it's up and running. The carb had a stock needle, which is good, and a plastic slide which isn't the best. I may go to the Harley shop and see if I can get a stock CV slide to put in it. Although the plastic one works all right, it's so light that it can slightly bounce and cause poor gas mileage. This is inside the temporary Sherm's Cycle Products building. Guy Mobbley is doing the work, he's the new owner.


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